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Photo Year Data Star Extra
2000' Snoopy kissing booth. ★★★ -
2000' Snoopy love potion.
(Blue shirt and pink megaphone.)
★★★ -
2001' Snoopy Kiss Me.
(Shocking pink shirts.)
★★★★ -
2001' Snoopy Cupid on cloud.
(Pink bow and arrow and purple shorts.)
★★★★★ -
2001' Snoopy love potion.
(Purple shirt and orange megaphone.)
★★★ -
2001' Snoopy puts on armor, and has a flower. ★★★★★ -
2002' Snoopy which played the part of the clown who put on clothes of pink and a hat of purple. ★★★★★ -
2002' The Snoopy cook who put on clothes and a hat of pink.
And heart chocolate.
★★★ -
2002' Snoopy which put on the red hat which carried many pink hearts and wood stock on the back. ★★★ -
Total 9/20




Snoopy Come Home
Hee Hee Hee!
★ Peanuts-Dream ★
SNOOPY PVC Collection