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Photo Year Data1 Data2 etc
1983' Snoopy as weight lifter. Schleich -
1983' Snoopy of the skiing jumper wears racing number No.4. Schleich -
1983' Shot put Snoopy wears a blue shirt and red shorts. Schleich -
1983' Discus throw Snoopy wears a red shirt and white shorts. Schleich -
1983' Snoopy which wears green shorts does hockey. Schleich -
1983' Snoopy brushing at yellow toothbrush.
(Green towel.)
Schleich -
1989' Snoopy brushing at green toothbrush.
(Orange towel.)
Beautiful work
Applause -
1983' Snoopy playing tennis.
(Yellow shirt and blue racket dark blue cap.)
Schleich -
1989' Snoopy playing tennis.
(Purple shirt and yellow racket light blue cap.)
Applause -
1989' Snoopy with big red heart standing.
Applause -
Total 10

重量挙げのスヌーピーは胸板が厚いですよ。拡大して見ちゃいましょう(*^ ^*)


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